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If you represent a government organization, take the Self Transparency Survey. How do score your organization? This survey can be filled out by your Infrastructure Technology team and by non-technical representatives. Multiple perspectives from the same organization are welcome. We will continue to hold monthly webinars to work with the public. We will overview the state of our work and next steps at each webinar. Find the next webinar here.
ODI has three current projects:

Transparency Report

ODI Transparency Report You can also go to the Transparency Report project


Get ODI Recommeded Tools You can also go to the Tools project

Best Practices

ODI Best Practices You can also go to the Best Practices project

and possibly two additional projects for 1H 2018.

Check out the all projects on the Open Data Initiative Wiki

What the ODI Community Means

We are creating a community of people that are passionate about government financial transparency. We understand that maintaining a community can not be taken for granted. Similar to what we expect from our government, transparent reviews of the community processes and governance encourages greater participation and makes the organization stronger. Transparency is a painful, difficult process to maintain. Transparency allows us to learn from mistakes, rather be certain to repeat them. Let us work together to make government financial transparency the norm.