About ODI

The people of the Open Data Initiative


The Open Data Initiative (ODI) works to ensure government finance data is consistent, transparent, and easily available. ODI is administered through Lincoln Network, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

It’s not enough for government data to be available – it must also be published in a format that is usable and digestible. The inability to easily download data in machine-readable formats and the lack of uniformity across states, and even within them, is unacceptable. The Open Data Initiative works to reducing government bottlenecks and increases data accessibility by creating statutory changes and providing technological tools, skills, and expertise. We are leveraging our tech expertise, creating an open source community to tackle this needless problem.

Together, we are developing low-cost or no-cost solutions – and encouraging governments to adopt them.

ODI seeks to achieve its objectives through:

  • Statutory changes
  • Better technology
  • Assisting groups maintaining transparency sites
  • Persistent leadership on collaboration and transparency
  • Providing the infrastructure to maintain the open data community

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