What if everything was this transparent?

Government works better with well informed constituents. We want to eliminate the need for many Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests, by putting government finances online. Many federal, state, and local governments are lacking quality public financial data. See our report. Just in the US states, our governments are trillions in debt with little public awareness. Transparency of our financial state is the only way to tackle our collective financial problem. See the report
We are a group of government, technology, and policy advocates working together. The Open Data Initiative exists to advance government financial transparency. Through resources, partners, and events, we inform the public and the government on the best open data solutions available.



Cities Open Data Legislation
States Government Open Data Portals
US Federal Open Data Platforms
Policy Organizations
Commercial Companies

Upcoming events

27 April 2018, American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC). We will be discussing with legislators and staff next steps on open data implementation and legislation
23 May 2018 tentatively, Ohio Data Demo Day. Expect Ohio open data government speakers and meetings. Learn more about it.