Open Data Legislation

Detailed Existing Open Data Legislation

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Session Bill Number Title Organization ODI Review Bill Text Source Sponsors Past Legislation Related Legislation Introduced Last Activity Comments
2015-2016 AB169 Local government, public records, Internet California /legislation-review/2018-02-28-california-legislation-review/ California-2015-2016-AB169 California-2015-2016-AB169 Rep. Brian Maienschein Jan 22, 2015 10-Oct-2015 signed into law
2018 HR1073 Department of Financial Services Florida /legislation-review/2018-03-12-florida-legislation-review/ Florida-2018-HR1073 Florida-2018-HR1073 Rep. Bill Hager 21-Dec-2017 8-Mar-2018 passed the house and senate
2013 HB632 Relating To Open Data Hawaii Hawaii-2013-HB632 Hawaii-2013-HB632 Rep. Clift Tsuji, Rep. Ken Ito, Rep. Marcus R. Oshiro, Rep. Calvin K.Y. Say, Gregg Takayama 9-Jul-2013 signed into law
98th HB1040 Open Operating Standards Act Illinois Illinois-98th-HB1040 Illinois-98th-HB1040 Rep. Michaell W. Tryon, Rep. Pamela J. Althoff 7-Mar-2014 signed into law
2014 SB644 State Government - Open Data Policy - Council on Open Data Maryland Maryland-2014-SB644 Maryland-2014-SB644 Rep. William C Ferguson IV 8-Apr-2014 signed into law
2012 HB418 Relative to the use of open source software and open data formats by state agencies and relative to the adoption of a statewide information policy regarding open government data standards New Hampshire New Hampshire-2012-HB418 New Hampshire-2012-HB418 Rep. Calvin D. Pratt, Rep. George A Lambert 12-Mar-2012 signed into law
GA132 HB3 Improve transparency of public data Ohio /legislation-review/2018-01-25-ohio-hb3-legislation-review/ Ohio-GA132-HB3 Ohio-GA132-HB3 Rep. Mike Duffey, Rep. Christina Hagan GA130-HB321, GA130-HB323, GA130-HB175, GA131-HB46 GA132-HB40 1-Feb-2017 13-Dec-2017 Passed House Finance Committee Vote. Good outline of DataOhio board responsibilities, but missing details on the definition, e.g. Ability to export records in TXT format with recommended metadata headers, recommend accounting standards such as utilizing the state accounting system and base common fields, and metadata at a minimum define the field headers for the accounting standard fields.
GA132 HB40 Establish State Government Expenditure Database Ohio /legislation-review/2018-03-13-ohio-hb40-legislation-review/ Ohio-GA132-HB40 Ohio-GA132-HB40 GA130-HB321, GA130-HB323, GA130-HB175, GA131-HB46 GA132-HB3 6-Feb-2017 6-Feb-2017 Introduced to the Finance Committee
113th Congress S.994 Digital Accountability and Transparency Act of 2014 or the DATA Act United States /legislation-review/2018-03-09-united-states-legislation-review/ United States-113th Congress-S.994 United States-113th Congress-S.994 Sen. Mark Warner 21-May-2013 9-May-2014 signed into law
2013 SB283 Availability of Public Information Amendments Utah Utah-2013-SB283 Utah-2013-SB283 22-Mar-2013 signed into law
2014 SB70 State Data Portal Amendments Utah Utah-2014-SB70 Utah-2014-SB70 Rep. Deidre M. Henderson 27-Mar-2014 signed into law

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