Open Data Legislation

Many open data implementations are the result of good management and their policies. But any good policy can be modified by a change in management. To make good policy permanent, the policy must be made into a law. The law must cover just enough detail to establish a framework that the open data implementation can be built upon. We highlight and review open data legislation.

Summary of Existing Open Data Legislation

Review the Detailed Existing Open Data Legislation, Scored Existing Open Data Legislation, and ODI Scoring methodology.

Session Bill Number Organization ODI Review Bill Text Last Activity Score [100]
2015-2016 AB169 California /legislation-review/2018-02-28-california-legislation-review/ California-2015-2016-AB169 10-Oct-2015 40
2018 HR1073 Florida /legislation-review/2018-03-12-florida-legislation-review/ Florida-2018-HR1073 8-Mar-2018 79
2013 HB632 Hawaii Hawaii-2013-HB632 9-Jul-2013 0
98th HB1040 Illinois Illinois-98th-HB1040 7-Mar-2014 0
2014 SB644 Maryland Maryland-2014-SB644 8-Apr-2014 0
2012 HB418 New Hampshire New Hampshire-2012-HB418 12-Mar-2012 0
GA132 HB3 Ohio /legislation-review/2018-01-25-ohio-hb3-legislation-review/ Ohio-GA132-HB3 13-Dec-2017 57
GA132 HB40 Ohio /legislation-review/2018-03-13-ohio-hb40-legislation-review/ Ohio-GA132-HB40 6-Feb-2017 57
113th Congress S.994 United States /legislation-review/2018-03-09-united-states-legislation-review/ United States-113th Congress-S.994 9-May-2014 44
2013 SB283 Utah Utah-2013-SB283 22-Mar-2013 0
2014 SB70 Utah Utah-2014-SB70 27-Mar-2014 0

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